1. The Chariot

From the recording The Chariot

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Verse 1:
Grandpa Walker moved into our home
Mama said that she could not let Grandpa live alone
Most mornings I’d wake up and hear him in the yard
Humming “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, and puffing his cigar

He told me it was Grandma’s favorite song
And he’d sung it every day since she passed on
In the summertime we’d spend our evenings staring at the sky
He’d tell me ‘bout my Grandma’s love; say she’s sending him a ride
We‘d be…

Sitting on that covered porch singing
His two feet tapping time, my two feet just swinging
He’d sing those old-time gospel songs
‘Bout rivers and saints
And a chariot that’s on its way

Verse 2:
He’d say, “I hope you understand this, son
God don’t send his chariot to help the coward run
Sure, life is hard and it’ll break your heart if you should dare to love
But there’s a fireball ride in the dead of night if you should love enough
We’d be…

(repeat chorus)

One morning I awoke, I searched high and low
But Grandpa still could not be found
So I went outside, looked up at the sky
You know, I swear I heard the sound

Of Grandpa there on heaven’s porch singing
His two feet tapping time, Grandma’s feet just swinging
They were singing old-time gospel songs
‘Bout rivers and saints
And the chariot that finally came
Grandpa’s chariot finally came