"…no glitz or glamour, no shiny polish.  He is an artist in the true sense of the word.  A songwriter who sings with a grit in his voice, ..rooted in the tradition of Kris Kristofferson, Guy Clark, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and more recently Jamey Johnson." ”

— John Tumminello, Executive Director Musician's Corner, Nashville

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Brice Ash Bio

In Bozeman, MT, surrounded by wild mountains and untamed rivers, Brice Ash finds himself a far cry from his Kansas beginnings.  "If you're an aspiring songwriter, I highly recommend getting yourself born in Wichita," he chuckles.  “Anyone can wax poetic at the foot of a mountain, but in Kansas the beauty is usually more subtle.  Like the way the wind pulls its hand across a field of wheat.  Or even at the coffee shop on Main in Valley Center, where my Grandpa and his friends would let me sit a ‘The Liar's Table’.”  No doubt, Ash learned many lessons about how to spin a yarn at his Grandfather’s side. 

He spent several years in Kansas City fronting the acoustic alt-rock band Beggars Table, which quickly gained a strong regional following and critical praise, until deciding to move to Nashville.  There, he became a regular at songwriter showcases, and even selling out the legendary Bluebird Cafe multiple times. 

While there, Ash teamed with Andy Osenga [The Normals, Caedmon's Call] to produce and engineer his solo record, The Chariot.  And partnered with Bob Bullock [George Strait, Asleep at the Wheel, Todd Snider] to mix it.  The album carries with it the hopeful hurt, raw honesty, and stirring stories that fans of his rough-hewn songwork have come to expect.  Ranging from the heart-wrenching "Joe's Final Bow" to the gritty roots rocker "Has-Been Man", the record brims with humanity - brash cowgirls, broken old men, homeless saviors, high-school nerds. 

After ten years in Music City, Ash moved to Bozeman, where he can be found playing regional venues and festivals with his band, The Kin;  and where he continues to hone his songwriting craft, eager to soon put down some more tunes on record.