1. My Italy

From the recording The Chariot

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Verse 1:
Got a postcard from the Niemans. They’re overseas again
They flew to Paris, then to Rome
They saw the Louve museum, and then the coliseum
But even that don't tickle my wandering bone.

Baby I’m just fine right here
On the porch, as long as you’re sitting near
And the whole world disappears

I don’t need no leaning tower
To remind me ‘bout the power
That beauty can have upon a heart
I don’t need no ancient walls
To make me stop and stand in awe
Or Florence streets for love to capture me
Cause you’re my Italy

Verse 2:
Maybe when we’re older we’ll cross the ocean
And we'll see every wonder there is to see
I’ll smile at Mona Lisa
And I’ll know what she’s thinking
As she’s staring at the beauty next to me

‘Cause I know what it’s like to get lost inside
Your heartbreak sky-blue eyes
(repeat chorus)

And I don’t need the Taj Mahal
And I don’t need that China Wall
Or a bunch of statues bearing it all
Baby I’ve got all the wonder that I’ll ever need
When you’re holding my hand and I’m holding my Italy