1. Has Been Man

From the recording The Chariot

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Verse 1:
I’ve been broke and I’ve been bought
I’ve been accused but never caught
I’ve been bit by love before
Caved in like a broken door

And I’ve been watching how you play
You break men’s hearts then walk away
And I’m in awe by how men fall so easy from your hands

And they fly just like tissues out the window
Your lovers litter the winds
And you might be the best there is, but babe I’ll be damned
If I’ll ever be your has-been man

Verse 2:
I’ve been pauper, I’ve been king
I’ve been everything between
And when the liquor hits just right
I’ve been known to dance all night
And I’ve been told by many men
About you and your many sins
And I’ve been wondering what they’ve done
To earn such a bitter end

(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)