From the recording The Chariot

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Verse 1:
It’s me again, lonely and loaded
Set up in some cheap nowhere motel
I just awoke with my beer in my hand
Must've dozed off getting my bathroom tan

Verse 2:
Wish you where here cause I got me a mind
To say some things I never said to you
I always just kept silent like a coward
Afraid that you might hurt me like you do

But that’s all over now,
All over now

Verse 3:
The guy behind the counter says the air in the desert
Is as clean as it’s ever going to get
So I stood on the canyon rim for hours
Let the midnight winds wash me like a shower
(repeat chorus)

Never gonna cry, never gonna hurt
Never gonna let myself get burned again, get burned again
Never gonna reach, never gonna fall
Never gonna let myself get opened up to it all
No, I'm gonna love just like a stone wall

'Cause it’s all over now
All over now, All over now, All over…

Verse 3:
Here I am again, lonely and loaded
Making promises I don’t intend to keep
For a little while I thought I could play it cool, that I was strong
For a little while I thought that I could move on

(repeat chorus)