1. Billings, MT

From the recording The Chariot

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Verse 1:
She’s riding horses in Billings, MT
Silent forces dance in her eyes
She’s a restless wind rolling through these rims
And the dreams she holds inside her stretch wider than these skies

Verse 2:
“Damn that ambition. It has no place in a lady”
She hears them wishing that she’d just settle down
But she won’t fold her hands, or bow to others’ plans
She was born to break the broncs and spin this world around

Cause it ain’t about money
And it sure ain’t comfy
To leap into your dreams
But it’s all about living
And when you’re done giving
To know you gave it everything

Verse 3:
She fell like a sinner for a cowboy on the circuit
And rose like an angel when he asked her for her hand
They let the wild wind blow and rode the rodeo
Cause life don’t need a harness and love don’t need a plan

(repeat chorus)

It was a perfect ride and a perfect night
‘Til the moment she fell
When she awoke, the words they spoke
Filled the silence like a bell

They said she’d never walk again
She closed her eyes as she took her husband’s hand
And said, “You just let me go. You’re better off alone.”
He put his hand against her cheek and said, “You’d better think again…

Cause it ain’t about money
And it sure wasn’t comfy
When I leapt into this dream
But it’s all about living
And when I’m done giving
To know I gave you everything